Sunday, June 12, 2011

Get a Top Page Rank Google

Internet marketers understand that 90% of businesses come from people who are looking for a solution for their problems when they typed in keywords in search engines. It is of no use to present an offer to someone who is not looking for a solution that your product or service could provide them. The question is, when they looked for a solution and typed in keywords in search engines, would they be finding your websites ? Or someone else's ? Are you sure that your website has a top page rank google to be found by your potential customers when they typed in keywords ?

There are 3 things that must be worked out for a website to get a top page rank google.
  1. Choose the right keyword(s)
  2. On page optimization (Search engine optimization)
  3. Backlinks
Choosing the right keyword(s) is no longer a problem when we know how to use Google Keyword Tool External. As for point 2 and 3, we can hire a service from personals or companies to work out those things, but if we would rather do it by ourselves, there is some study that we need to do beforehand.

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